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The World's Greatest Lover

Gene Wilder has produced another comedy.  It's good but not as good as his past work.

Wilder and his wife Annie, Carol Kane, travel to Hollywood so he can enter the World's Greatest Lover Contest.  Rainbow studios wants a challenger to Rudolph Valentino.  Wilder, who plays Rudy Valentine, is the choice of Mr. Zits, Dom DeLouise, the studio head.

Along the way, Wilder becomes nervous and begins to reverse his words in such phrases as "heart failure" becomes "feart hailure", or his tongue sticks out.  There are other very funny scenes, particularly on the train ride to California.  But the film slows down.  Dom DeLouise is silly and the repetitive nature of his gags lose their appeal quickly.  As the film slows down, one begins to wonder if Wilder is attempting an Annie Hall. His leading lady is Annie and she leaves him twice during the film.  The film also gives some sensation of being, serious during Wilder's screen test.

Wilder has provided some of the best comedy on the screen over the past few years.  The World's Greatest Lover adds to his accomplishments but falls short of some of his past work.

The World's Greatest Lover

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