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Wild Things

Twists, turns and double crosses abound in this glossy thriller starring Matt Dillon.

He plays Sam Lombardo, a high school guidance counselor who's accused of raping one of his students (played by Denise Richards).  She is a sexy siren who throws herself at him, then cries fowl.

The girl is the daughter of one of the wealthiest women (Theresa Russell) in the steamy Florida town.  Although of questionable character, her money buys respect.  She hires a high priced lawyer (Robert Wagner) and demands that the police arrest Lombardo.

Kevin Bacon plays a policeman from the sex crimes division and, while busy investigating the original charge, another student comes forward to accuse Lombardo of rape.  Neve Campbell (Scream) plays a drugged out, troubled girl with her eyes rimmed in black liner, purple hair and erratic behavior.  She is almost unrecognizable.

The settings are a contrast in extremes.  The rich people lounge in country club swimming pools and arrive at the court house in stretch limos while the characters from the other side of the tracks have broken down cars and wrestle alligators for a living.

Among the beautiful faces and hard bodies, an unexpected actor shows up and he's a terrific addition.  Bill Murray provides comic relief as Sam's defense attorney.  Just when the story is almost too hot to handle, he shows up to bring a laugh or two.

Out takes of action that took place off screen are explained in clips after the film ends.  It is a new and clever way to show key elements of plot development.

Although with its nudity and sexual threesomes it, at times, resembles a late night adult film, its complex plot and characters who aren't always as they appear to be, makes Wild Things an interesting outing.

It is rated R for language, violence and nudity.

Wild Things


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