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The Waterboy

Adam Sandler, immensely popular with the teen set, stars in this comedy which he co-wrote and produced. He plays Bobby Boucher, a dim-witted water boy for a losing Louisiana college football team.

He's ridiculed and beaten by the players until the coach (Henry Winkler) urges him to fight back.  The once passive Bobby thinks of his past abusers when he tackles his opponents and surprisingly sends them sailing through the air.  The astonished coach quickly signs up Bobby as his new linebacker and soon the team is winning games and making headlines.

Kathy Bates plays Bobby's overbearing mother who makes snake dinners and waits for him to drive his lawnmower to their Bayou home.  It's somewhat unnerving to see the talented Bates playing a character straight out of a Beverly Hillbillies episode, but she is quite funny and looks like she's having a great time.

Waterboy sends a mixed message by having a sweet nonviolent character being the butt of jokes and abuse, who only gaining respect after he also turns to violence.

Sandler plays the same naive dumb character in his movies that he perfected during his Saturday Night Live days.  If you're in the 14-20 year old age bracket, you'll most likely find Bobby Boucher and his antics very entertaining.

It is rated PG-13 for violence.

The Waterboy


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