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View from the Top

View from the Top

The look of Gwenyth Paltrow's new romantic comedy is straight out of the 1960's.  From the outrageous outfits that her Donna Jensen character sports, to the shag carpeting, and loud colors everywhere, this has a pure retro feel to it.

Donna, in all her sexy blond glory, can't wait to leave behind her dysfunctional family and small Nevada hometown to become a flight attendant on a large, fancy airline and fly off to some exotic location.  She settles instead for Sierra Airlines, a small, outdated puddle-jumper that flies between Laughlin, Nevada and Fresno.

Donna and her co-workers (played by Christina Applegate and Kelly Preston, who has her chest visibly enhanced for the role) are dressed as tacky as the interior of the small planes they fly in.  With a skin tight purple and red mini dress, big hair, push up bra and sky blue eye shadow, Donna looks cheap but her sweet, trusting personality and eagerness to please, soften her character.

Inspired by a retired flight attendant (played by a lively Candace Bergin) who wrote the best seller about her fabulous career working for Royalty Airlines, Donna tries out for the prestigious company.

Once accepted however, she has to decide whether to live out her dream by flying off to Paris or to stay in Cleveland with her boyfriend (played by the puppy-dog cute Mark Ruffalo - You Can Count On Me).

There are very few laughs in this so-called comedy.  Even Mike Myers, who plays a cross-eyed flight attendant instructor, uses the joke of his mishap over and over, when once is quite enough.

Paltrow is bouncy and fun and wears each of her many itsy-bitsy costumes as if she were in a fashion show aimed at waif-like teenagers.  Directed by Bruno Barreto, View from the Top might not be as funny as expected with the talented cast assembled, but it is a lighthearted fluffy little feel good romance.

View from the Top

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