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Universal Soldier

The movie opens up in the jungles of Vietnam in 1969.  Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Luc, a Cajun American whose sergeant, Scott (played by Dolph Lundgren, Red Scorpion) has gone berserk and killed off their platoon.  Trying to save a young Vietnamese girl from the same fate, Luc fights Scott to the death.

The Army packs their bodies in ice and ships them to America, where they're turned into "Terminator-type" soldiers, killing machines that have no memories, are re-charged by coolant and obey orders unquestioningly.  That is, until Luc starts to get flashbacks of Vietnam and recognizes soldier "GR-13" to be Sgt. Scott, the man who killed him 23 years ago.

Luc escapes with a spunky female T.V. reporter, played by Ally Walker, with an army of mechanical goons after them.  Some of their exploits are funny; like when Luc goes to a greasy spoon truck stop and experiences food for the first time.  He orders everything on the menu, and after he devours all of it, the burly cook realizes Luc hasn't any money to pay for it, a melee breaks out...guess who wins!

Lundgren has no screen personality, so he's perfect to play a mechanical man and Van Damme is just slightly more animated.  Walker is pretty good as the feisty heroine.

When two adventure stars team up, you expect non-stop action and here you get what you pay for, of course mixed in with plenty of violence.  If this is what you're looking for you won't be disappointed.

It is rated R for violence and language.

Universal Soldier

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