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Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet

Disney animators have added a touch of "Star Trek" pizzazz to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island.

The result is Jim Hawkins, a restless teen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who leaves his mother to find a hidden fortune, after a dying pirate leaves him a secret map.  The map is hidden in a magical sphere that opens to reveal a holograph showing the planet that is filled with untold treasurers.

Jim's companion on the trip is a fuddy duddy professor (David Hyde Pierce).  They hire a flying ship with a feisty feline captain, Amelia, voiced by Emma Thompson who gives her captain a commanding, yet fun English lilt and a crew made up of a scary rag tag bunch of misfits and cutthroats.  The crew looks a lot like the strange creatures in the "Star Wars" bar scene.

Once the flying ship is underway, Jim is put under the watchful eye of the cook John Silver (Brian Murray).  The poor guy has only one eye, along with one arm and one leg, all because he's a cyborg who is part human and part robot.  His one mechanical arm comes in handy in the galley however.  He can slice and dice food like a regular vegematic.

Other than a scare or two from the creepy characters on board ship, nothing much happens on the trip.  But, once they have to pass through a storm and a black hole to reach the planet, a colorful array of explosions and fireworks fill the sky, and with it the young audience snapped to attention.

Morph, a bubbly little blob that changes into whatever he desires, and B.E.N., a mechanical navigator (Martin Short) with half of his brain detached, provide humor.

I'm sure that Mr. Stevenson never contemplated his book would be transformed into a futuristic animated action film.  But, if someone had to do it, it might as well be Disney, because their vision makes galleons streaking across the sky, a likable fatherless boy and a gruff cyborg, worth the trip.

Treasure Planet

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