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This is it

This is it
Michael Jackson

Rated: PG for suggestive choreography and scary images
Reviewed by: Nina  
Release date: October 28, 2009 Released by: Columbia TriStar

In screening this film, I did not get what I expected. What I expected was a documentary film with news footage and a play-by-play account about the sad day we all learned the light that was Michael Jackson was gone. What I got was an amazing, wonderful look at the phenomenal performer that he was. As you watch this movie, which is the development and rehearsals for what would have undoubtedly been the re-establishment of the greatest performer of our generation, you feel a little sad at what the world won’t ever get to experience.

The movie starts quietly, and you get a glimpse of what Michael meant to the people who auditioned to be a part of this event. Everyone - the dancers, the musicians, the technicians, the wardrobe people, the backup singers, the choreographer, all the way to the director - everyone was caught in his aura.

The songs, the dance moves, Michael’s ideas and his great artistic visions were unmatched - you just couldn’t take your eyes off Michael Jackson. His performances of the songs we know and love had the audience tapping their feet, singing along with the words, clapping and cheering, and even though we’ve see the videos over and over again, they all had a new, fresh look and sound, and you knew that when he would have performed them for the world we would have fallen in love with them all over again. Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Man in the Mirror, all of them, would have come alive again for everyone.

Even the footage of his younger days with the Jackson 5, the performances with his brothers, mesmerized you – you realized that even back then you knew Michael was going to be a star. This movie will go a long way to prove that the world missed out – this would have been the concert of the century. Go and see This is it, hear the songs, dance in your seat, sing out loud. Michael, we miss you.

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This is it  B+      B-   B+               B+ 

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