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On a planet that is just a little better than the one Captain Kirk left Kahn, Todd (Kurt Russell), who was labeled 1-A at birth designating him a Soldier, must fight off a challenge from the new soldiers who are genetically produced in 2038 to be stronger than his generation.

The planet is filled with green snakes, old air craft carriers, ancient CD's, parking meters and smashed space shuttles.  It also is home to a small mute boy and his loving blond mother who bring life to the stoic Soldier.

Russell speaks little.  Like the quiet man in an old western, he observes the more normal lives of the lost settlers on the junk yard planet and he begins to change.  When the little boy opens his arms, the soldier is rushed toward emotions he has hidden all his life.

This is a no brainier, special effects are OK but nothing spectacular.  Most characters are hollow and limited, but Russell carries the film with the determination of a soldier.  He makes the ordinary script come to life.



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