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Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

It's appropriate that Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays a dentist in this Disney comedy, because his big grin is one of the most endearing details about him.

He plays Ted Brooks, a single Miami-based dentist with a successful business.  He enjoys a great life, which changes overnight when he gets a summons to go to Alaska for a reading of a will.

He discovers that the woman he's know all his life as his mother (Michelle Nicholas - Star Trek) is his adoptive mother, and his real mother was an Alaskan who has left him a rustic cabin and seven champion sled dogs.

Eager to find out more about his mother and the identity of his father, Ted heads to Tolketna, Alaska, a tiny frozen town with a bar, video store, few houses and plenty of white stuff.

Ted and the dogs have a few run-ins, with Ted coming out on the losing end.  But, after some shredded clothing and a close shave with Ted climbing a tree to save himself, he takes the upper hand with six of the seven dogs.  Only Demon, the lead dog, is tough until the very end.

James Coburn is funny as Thunder Jack, a grumpy mountain man, who wants to buy the dogs from Ted for the upcoming sled dog race, the Arctic Challenge.

What begins as a comical look at a man who's out of his element, takes a nice turn as Ted attempts to get close to the man he believes is his father.

Directed by Brian Levant (Beethoven), Snow Dogs offers something for both young and old.  There's a little romance, some clean fun with Ted, the dogs and a bear and Gooding, Jr. is once again energetic and a joy to watch.

Snow Dogs

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