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Slackers is another of those gross out sexually active college films - in fact the screenwriter, David H. Steinberg, wrote American Pie 2.  But Slackers delivers a much smarter brighter and interesting script than what we have been exposed to in the past.

Make no mistake Slackers has the body function jokes, foul language, and over reliance on vulgar sex in director Dewey Nicks presentation.  But Nicks uses some creative methods which demand laughs from even the most conservative viewers.

By using a dream technique Nicks brings us into situations which are ridiculous and over the top and very comical because we immediately recognize they are not real but dreams.  One of the best dreams mimics a grainy scratched fifties Japanese dubbed science fiction film while others present the farcical sex dreams of Ethan (Jason Schwartzman).

The story revolves around Jeff (Michael C. Maronna), Dave (Devon Sawa) and Sam (Jason Segel), three roommates who have scammed their way through the last four years of college.  They work like the old Mission Impossible TV team, scamming Federal Express to steal exam books which are then coupled with test questions stolen by one of the three who attends an exam and leaves claiming to be sick.

After four years Ethan spots the scam and insists the three roommates secure a love relationship with Angela (James King) or he will blow their secret and ruin their college careers.  Problems
occur when Dave falls in love with Angela.  It all forces the three young Slackers to face up to responsibility and alter their lives and throw our their cynicism, well almost.

Jason Schwartzman's Ethan steals the show as an eccentric character who has a hair doll made of Angela's hair and he collects hair from chairs after interesting girls get up from them.  His dreams and actions are absurd, comical and unbalanced.  Seventy one year old Mamie Van Doren who was a voluptuous platinum blonde actress in earlier years gets to do a seminude scene far beyond what she was allowed to do in the fifties and sixties when she was a very sexy star.  Ethan is the hospital volunteer who gets to sponge her down.

Slackers is one more of the films that exploit high school and college student activities - this one is just a little bit more resourceful.


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