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Romeo Must Die Romeo Must Die

Set on the San Francisco waterfront, which happens to be controlled by two rival crime bosses, Romeo Must Die offers the potential of an interesting twist to an already old tale.

Jet Li (Lethal Weapon 4) stars as Han, a brother looking to avenge his brothers death.  His escape from prison in Hong Kong and arrival in America offer one the best portions of the movie.  The fight action looks real and feed the story line well.  The rest of the film seems contrived as his father who left him to serve jail time just so he could flee to America is one of the crime bosses -- the "evil" Asian syndicate; while the second crime boss is Delroy Lindo (Malcom X) who is trying to go straight and lead his family to legitimacy.

Mix in the death of both syndicate bosses sons being killed, a business deal that both are likely to earn millions from as long as they both deliver, shady second in commands and an ill-conceived love affair and you have a long, and at times, boring movie.

The major fight scenes look fake, and at times the combatants look like they are on wires.  The acting is fair and the soundtrack very graphic.  There is one special effect of an X-ray view to show the damage on victims at crucial moments during a fight that conveys a feel you won't soon forget.  Also in the film are DMX and Aaliyah of singing fame, Russell Wong (Joy Luck Club), Isaiah Washington (True Crime), Jon Kit Lee and D.B. Woodside.  None of roles played by the before mentioned people have any life to them.  I don't blame them, I blame the script.

Jet Li does have a good command of English and a reasonable screen presence, but this script has holes in the plot you could pass an aircraft carrier through.  If you decide to see this film, you will be treated to 30 minutes of fight scenes, two minutes of humor and over an one and half hours of boredom.

Romeo Must Die

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