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Return to Neverland

Return to Neverland

Following up on its 1953 hit Peter Pan, Disney delivers Return to Neverland.

Taking place during World War II, this rendition has Wendy replaced by her daughter Jane who Captain Hook kidnaps to once again use as bait for Peter Pan.  Not the helpless little girl who once sewed Peter's shadow back on for him, Jane offers an interesting twist to this old tale.  Much of Jane's experience comes from the stories her mother had told of her exploits with the fabled Pan and Hook and this makes her a bit wiser than her mother was.

Once in Neverland, Wendy gains the assistance of Peter and his Lost Boys as they once again send Captain Hook and his band of pirates packing.  The new water born nemesis for hook plays in the form of a huge octopus that oddly enough ticks like the crocodile of the previous adventure.

You will see a familiar cast of characters here, including Tinker Bell, and Return to Neverland has much the same look and feel of its predecessor, but seems to lack a bit of heart.  Even the music is lackluster with the exception of the use of The Lovin' Spoolful's tune Do You Believe in Magic during the close.  While the youngsters might be mildly amused, the adults will find much to take exception to.  Perhaps this should have gone direct to video as many sequels have.

Return to Neverland

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