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Raise Your Voice
Raise Your Voice

Hilary Duff is one of the latest pretty young girls with a passable voice to become a huge marketing phenomenon. Besides her popular Disney Channel T.V. show, Lizzie Maguire, and the film that followed of the same name, she’s also cut two CD’s.

Duff plays Terri, a sheltered 16 year old who lives in Arizona and because of her interest in singing longs to attend a summer course at a Los Angeles music school.

Her dad is apposed to letting his daughter go off to the big dangerous city by herself, but her mom (Rita Wilson) and artist aunt (Rebecca De Mornay) sneak her off to the ritzy school behind her dad’s (David Keith) back.

When she arrives at school, Terri can see that she’s clearly out of her element. The other students are snobby and treat her with disdain and it becomes Terri’s opinion, they are more talented than she is. That kills her confidence.

She meets Jay (Oliver James) who befriends her and writes a song for her to perform, and a kind music teacher (John Corbett) who besides being a treat for the mothers in the school audience, takes an interest in Terri’s singing potential.

Duff is very pleasing to look at, but her performance range is limited. She has a couple of expressions, one happy and one sad, so she is limited to using only the two throughout the film.

The music is entertaining and there’s plenty for young teens in the audience to relate to. Probably the best aspect of the film is when compared to the current crop of teenage idols, we could do much worse in the role model department than Hilary Duff!

Raise Your Voice

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