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Prelude to a Kiss

Based on Craig Lucas' successful play of the same name, Prelude To a Kiss stars Alec Baldwin (Hunt for Red October) and Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally) as Peter and Rita, a young couple who fall in love at first sight.

After a short time, Rita takes Peter to meet her parents, played by Ned Beatty and Patty Duke, and they set the date to get married.

An uninvited old stranger (Sydney Walker) comes to the wedding and before he leaves, asks for a kiss from the bride.  During the kiss, a wind whips up, a surprised look appears on both their faces, and you realize something magical has occurred, but you're not exactly sure what it was.

Peter and Rita go to Jamaica on their honeymoon and he realizes that the Rita that he loved and married is not the same girl who's with him now.

The movie has some terrific performances; Baldwin is tender and surprisingly sensitive as the bridegroom, Ryan is lovely as the bewildered bride, she's confused without being ditsy, and Walker is truly charming as the old gentleman who would change the way he lived his life, if he had it to do over again.  Unfortunately, Beatty and Duke have very small roles.

This isn't a comedy with big laughs, but it's an amusing, touching, whimsical romance.

It is rated PG-13 for adult content.

Prelude to a Kiss

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