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Passed Away

Passed Away

When Jack Scanlan (Jack Warden) suddenly dies, the Scanlan clan is forced to spend the next three days together at his Irish wake and funeral.  With an excellent cast and quick, witty lines director/writer Charlie Peters has produced a top notch comedy which is a joy to watch.

Johnny (Bob Hoskins), the eldest son, is informed he is now head of the family and the next to die.  His brother Frank (William Petersen) plans to succeed his father as head of a union.  Terry (Pamela Reed from Kindergarten Cop) is the black sheep who has a dancing career and a four year old divorce which no relatives know about.  Nora, the other daughter (Frances McDormand), has moved from being a cloistered nun to a liberated one who runs an underground railroad for illegal aliens.

Mom Scanlan (Maureen Stapleton) is a stable fortress around which the forces of the family tension spin.  This film has no dead spots, the comedy begins with the situation of Jack Scanlan's death to the final scene in the cemetery where Scanlan is to be laid to rest beneath a head stone containing a stallion while the first illegitimate Scanlan child is born and the priest is nursing a hangover from the wake the night before.

Treat yourself - go to the Scanlan wake and have a good time.

Passed Away

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