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A hot steamy Florida setting, a gullible guy down on his luck, and a sexy, conniving woman - sound familiar?

Although some of the elements are the same as Body Heat, Palmetto lacks the intrigue of that unfolding mystery.

Woody Harrelson plays Barber, a journalist in Palmetto, Florida who gets out of jail after serving half of his four year sentence.

Unable to get a job and feeling sorry for himself, he's ripe for the picking when a beautiful blond (Elisabeth Shue) sashays into a bar where she picks him up.  She soon entices him into doing a job for her that has a lot of risk, but a hefty payoff.

Without a second thought, Barber gets involved up to his eyeballs.  He's in over his head when a phoney kidnapping goes wrong and he's the prime suspect.

Harrelson is effective as the likeable loser and Shue is as sexy as any femme fatale, but together they don't generate much heat.  There's a lot of groping, heavy breathing and sweating, but that's it.

Throughout the film, Harrelson's character is referred to as being "predictable," and that's the main problem with Palmetto, although it takes a long time getting there.  It's predictable from start to finish.

It is rated R for graphic violence, obscenities and sexual situations.



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