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Outside Providence

Outside Providence, exists in two worlds, one in Providence with silly young men who drink, dream of making it with women and go no where except into bars and tell lies about their sexual conquests.  When Tim Dunphy (Shawn Hatosy) is forced to attend prep school, the second world or second film begins and Tim, through Jane Weston (Amy Smart), grows both academically and in life skills.  Providence is not sure if it is a film showing a young man getting his life together or other obnoxious adolescent farce.

At home in Providence he hangs out with a group of losers who spend their time drinking and using drugs.  When one kid dies due to drugs, the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas turns out to be his favorite book.  His father (Alec Baldwin) is dumb as a board as are his card playing buddies who live a life void of reality filled with theories about well know people.  Why one of them is exposed as being gay is without explanation.  Their roles are insulting to working people, who at times don't have the knowledge of someone with a master degree, but they are not fools as this film portrays them.

The silly foolish world in Providence is contrasted with the prep school, but there he comes across a completely corruptible dean who is willing to play games to his own end.  No adult is given the satisfaction of competence - never mind decency.

The two best scenes involve hitching rides with bikers to Florida during Spring break and a flash back to a Christmas with Tim's deceased mother, in which she uses an air gun to shoot out Christmas ornaments from the tree.

Idyllic scenes of Jane and Tim out and about in wooded areas and grassy hills studying, while a fire burns in front of them are far too plentiful for reality.

Outside Providence, will leave you empty.

Outside Providence


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