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Out of Time

Out of Time

Out of Time is a classic molded film of a good guy caught in a very tight and comprising situation.  In this case Denzel Washington plays a character you can't help but like and root for, even though the plot has holes big enough to drive trucks through.

Matt Whitlock (Washington) is a small town police chief in southern Florida where he recently found his 15 minutes of fame via a drug bust that now has him in possession of a huge amount of cash stored in a safe only he has access to.  We see Matt in the middle of a divorce he really doesn't want from his wife Alex (Eva Mendes) another police officer from the big city.  At the same time, Matt is having an affair with his high school sweetheart Anne-Marie whose current husband Chris hates with a passion.  Suddenly Anne-Marie is diagnosed with cancer - an aggressive strain and her only hope is a very expensive experimental treatment.

Anyone who enjoys mystery films knows where this is leading and even with Washington at the helm, he has nothing to steer the audience with.  Though the film tries to endear Washington's character to the audience, it is too little too late.  The action is predictable and what passes as suspense here is merely coincidence.

Add into this film a lack of on screen chemistry and the choices of cute film angles and lighting rather than plot and uniqueness, I'm sure Washington will not be quick to highlight this attempt on his resume.  Be clear this is no Training Day or Body Heat - it simply a poor attempt at film.

Out of Time

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