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On My Way (Elle s'en va)

On My Way (Elle s'en va)
Catherine Deneuve

Rated: No rating 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: March 21, 2013 Released by: Cohen Media Group

Another road movie, albeit a French import, is a predictably gratifying rambler as a divorced sexagenarian goes off in her Mercedes station wagon to deal with tension and sate an old habit.

Catherine Deneuve (still lovely at 70) is a former Miss Brittany beauty queen who gets plenty of close-ups (for good reason) in Emmanuelle Bercot's On My Way (Elle S'en va, fully subtitled) that works its charm from the world icon's actorly allure.

Her Bettie, a restaurant entrepreneur left to deal with financial strain, has just found out that her married boyfriend isn't going back to his wife but has reached new bliss with a younger woman. This prompts an obvious journey of self-discovery but has a strong vantage point and emotional core from Bettie, especially as she's accompanied by her preteen grandson Charly accorded with comforting and manic sides by Nemo Schiffman. This is as she's attempting to try to patch things with an estranged daughter (Camille) who has more pressing professional issues on her plate.

Here is an adventure that shares traits with the likes of The World's Fastest Indian and, of late, Nebraska, as the apprehensions around responsibility is felt even in rather unhurried fashion with some happenstance, wit, and a touch of serendipity. The key relationship between Bettie and Charly make it go down easy and the sights of bucolic Brittany add to the tenderness Bercot gives to the material which includes an ex-Miss France gala.

In the company of Deneuve almost seems like being in the presence of elegance and grace and the arc of Bettie can at times be gripping like the most covalent of bonds. A longing and renewed sense of purpose with affections around past love and glory portrayed in laxity still provide a well-wrought transformative zone to On My Way.

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On My Way (Elle s'en va)        B                     B 

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