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Mo Money

Damon Wayans stars as Jonathan, a con artist who, along with his young cohort Seymour (played by Damon's younger brother, MarIon), works the streets ripping off unsuspecting passersby.

When he sees a beautiful girl he'd like to get to know better, Jonathan follows her into her work place and applies for a job so he can be close to her.

The company he works for distributes unsolicited credit cards.  When the cards are mailed back to the company by customers who don't want them, Jonathan's job is to destroy them.  Unfortunately, after trying to go straight, he's blackmailed into teaming up with killers who want him to steal the cards of deceased customers listed on a computer printout.

Written by Damon, the comedy is fast and energetic, but is marred by some unexpected violence.  The two stars are appealing and believable as a couple of guys who grew up on the streets.  There are some fun moments and Damon's little brother looks like he has a successful movie career ahead of him.

It is rated R for language and violence.

Mo Money

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