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Loser Loser

What a wonderful soundtrack!  Unfortunately that is all Loser has to offer.

Directed by Amy Heckering (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) Loser breaks very little new ground.  The jokes and a story line that are out dated and Heckering appears to be trying to recapture her youth and fame of Fast Times.

Loser is also predictable.  From the time you “meet” the characters, you know the plot and ending: outcast meets girl; girl is involved; outcast wins girl; antagonists punished; boy and girl live happily ever after.  This story has been told a million times and often with great results, but with the horrible editing and lack of fresh direction, only the music stands out.

With Jason Biggs as Paul and Mena Suvari as Dora (both seen in American Pie) there is a chemistry that plays.  Again, it is unfortunate that this chemistry can not over come the huge pit that poor direction and old story line have created.  Additionally it seems that Greg Kinnear (As Good As It Gets) is intent on destroying his career but resuming the overbearing professor roles of the past.  Kinnear can and should look for better roles.

Rounding out the cast are Twink Caplan, Zac Orth, Thomas Sadoski and Jimmi Simpson.  I doubt you will remember any of these one dimensional roles, which is a pity because these could very well be our future stars.

In short, save your money.  Buy the sound track and as you listen to it, try to imagine a good movie.


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