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Last Holiday

Last Holiday
Queen Latifah, L.L. Cool J, Gerard Depardieu and Timothy Hutton

Rated: PG-13
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: January 13, 2006 Released by: Paramount Pictures Corporation

Queen Latifah stars in this enjoyable comedy remake of a 1950 British film that starred Alec Guinness.

She plays Georgia Byrd, a quiet, shy Sales Associate for a New Orleans Department Store. She works in the cookware department and has a secret crush on her coworker (L.L. Cool J) who sells barbecue grills.

Georgia goes home everyday by herself and cooks along with her TV idol Emeril LaGasse. The tasty meals she whips up are eaten by the little boy who lives next door, while she nibbles on her Lean Cuisine.

Georgia keeps a scrap book in which she puts all of her favorite things. She calls it her "Possibilities" book and its filled with Polaroid pictures of the dishes she makes, brochures of places she longs to visit and she even has cut outs of magazine bride and groom models that she has pasted her and her secret love's pictures over.

Georgia's life of just sitting back and dreaming for wonderful things to happen changes in an instant, when the company doctor tells her she has a rare disease and only weeks to live.

She promptly quits her job, cashes in her IRA and takes off on the next plane to a palatial hotel in the Czech Republic to live out what remains of her life, to the fullest. And that she does! She gets decked out in a fabulous wardrobe, partakes in gourmet meals, tries new sports and pampers herself with spa treatments.

Costars Gerard Depardieu is fun as a gourmet chef who loves to use lard in his cooking, as is Timothy Hutton as the greedy department store owner.

It's hard to think of Queen Latifah as a shrinking violet, and until her exuberant personality comes out, her character just doesn't seem to fit. However, she hits her stride when she begins to live it up.

She is a very likable actress and her warm and sassy delivery is what makes this amusing comedy all the better.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Last Holiday B B   C   B-   B-

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