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Tim Robbins, Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, Dax Shepard, Kristen Stewart

Rated: PG
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: November 11, 2005 Released by: Sony Pictures

In a pleasant house on a shady lave, a father (Tim Robbins) plays catch with ten year old son, Walter (Josh Hutcherson) and six year old Danny (Jonah Bobo). But when the game Zathura begins the house finds its way into space orbiting a Saturn ring like planet.

The two boys and their sleeping sister, Lisa (Kristen Stewart) become part of a Jumanji style script, that doesn't reach the quality and cleverness of the Robin Williams vehicle but it is entertaining.

Divorce has the kids floating from father to mother and bickering at each other so often they begin to irritate the audience they even fight over whether to watch Sponge Bob or the 2004 Red Sox in the playoffs.

With the furnace running in warm weather, the first move on the mechanical game has us believing the sky is falling and they must deal with a growing robot that is not as friendly as Robby, as they walk on walls like Fred Astaire danced in Royal Wedding.

Facing a series of challenges and problems beginning with a frozen Lisa who is carried around like Bernie in Weekend At Bernies and a volcanic planet that looks like the later scenes of Episode III of Star Wars. They must also face the Zorgons, evil lizard like space creatures.

As the adventure goes on help comes from an astronaut (Dax Shepard), along with four blue eyes and a reprograming card from the game.

Not brilliant or innovative but none-the-less Zathura is a challenging ride in space.

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Zathura B   C+ B-   B   B-

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