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You Light Up My Life

You Light Up My Life may be the surprise hit of the fall season.  It is a simple story, not spectacular, but very satisfying.

Laurie (Didi Conn) a young woman on the verge of success in the music industry, is about to be married.  From within, without her full awareness, she is also beginning to reach for independence.  The manifestation of her restlessness is expressed in a one night stand just before her wedding rehearsal.

Laurie is a competent, happy, maturing person.  Her pain, happiness, joy and love are all expressed most convincingly by Miss Conn.  The film's climax is the point at which she accepts reliance on her own strengths to succeed.

Music is an important part of her career and is a focal point in the film.  The title song from the hit record by Debbie Boone (Pat Boone's daughter) filters through each scene adding to the atmosphere in which Laurie must make her decisions.

As Laurie extracts herself from the past, she confronts her fiancé and later her father with the reality of change; both scenes are moving and genuine.  Her father, as he accepts her independence, reaches forward to move her hair from the center of her forehead in one final expression of his fatherly role.  Joe Silver, a seasoned actor, plays the vaudeville performing father.  Melanie Mayron is Annie, the friend who does Mrs. Franklin's waffle commercials with Laurie.

You Light Up My Life expresses warmth and affection in today's mood.  It will be particularly enjoyed by young women who must make similar decisions.

You Light Up My Life

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