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You Again

You Again
Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman, Victor Garbor, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigoumey Weaver

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Nina  
Release date: September 24, 2010 Released by: Walt Disney Pictures

When I heard about this movie, You Again, about a girl who is persecuted in high school and finds out that her brother is going to marry the girl responsible for all of her teenaged angst, I thought oh no, not again, but this movie proved to be entertaining and enjoyable with a great cast.

Kristen Bell is bright and funny as Marni, the typical, awkward girl who has grown into a successful business woman only to be faced with her nemesis when she returns home to find out her brother, played by cutie James Wolk, is going to marry her worst enemy. The story unfolds as she meets her brother's fiancée who pretends not to remember her, sweetly played by Odette Yustman. She has a great, funny edge that lends a lot to the story.

This whole cast is great, I love Victor Garbor as the sensible husband who shows genuine feeling when he sees his wife after her makeover, Jaime Lee Curtis, charming as the mother in this story is herself confronted with her high school nemesis, played to Sigourney Weaver, who is dynamic and witty and looks fantastic as Aunt Ramona, a seemingly content business woman who turns out to be harboring hurt feelings of her own towards Jaime Lee's character Gail.

The movie is full of comedy, typical wedding situations, the Karaoke scenes and the rehearsal dinner, some flash backs to the high school days and the 70's clothes. They even have crazy ex-boyfriend who disrupts the wedding toast with incoherent words and craziness.

The bright spot of course is Betty White, sparkling and perpetually reinvented in her role as the grandmother, snappy and up-to-date, she even twitters, and always reminding us that she is truly a golden girl! I really enjoyed this film, everyone and every situation is age appropriate, down to the dresses and makeup, no one is fake or pretending, it is serious and funny and all together enjoyable.

I would certainly see this delightful movie on a day when you can enjoy the comedy and maybe reminisces about your own high school days and wonder what the heck was I wearing! Buy some popcorn and enjoy!

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You Again  C-      C   B         C      C+ 

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