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Kristen Dunst, Joe Cole, Piou Asbaek and Steph DuVall

Rated: R for drug use, language and a scene of violence.
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: September 22, 2017 Released by: A24 Films

Not much to be immersed into while watching the pervasive paranoia, anguish, and isolation in siblings Kate and Laura Mulleavy's Woodshock.

Starring Kirsten Dunst (Hidden Figures, The Beguiled) as medical marijuana pharmacist Theresa whose shattered emotional state from personal loss coincides with powerfully harmful cannabis usage.

She becomes detached from those closest in her life Nick (Joe Cole) and Keith (Pilou Asbaek) as the sister filmmaking team (known for their fashion design aplomb) impart a sensory, hallucinatory atmosphere. Though with little subliminal aura as little is invested in storytelling or characterization with hardly any forested horror implied from the title. Theresa's visions may insinuate the intersection of the occult and psyche as a psychotropic itinerant.

Just what the intent of Woodshock is could be anyone's guess, but the effect is hardly poignant or eerie even with a haunting mesmeric quality evinced by the usually reliable Dunst (who reportedly is a 'weed' advocate). The onlooker is hoping something will happen and in the end the imagery and arc reach a certain unexpected crescendo. But, in its overstated superficiality this rare Dunst dud can be construed a cinematic joint laced as a febrile, mortifying nightmare.

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Woodshock        F                        F 

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