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Winding Roads

Winding Roads

In 1959 20th Century Fox released The Best of Everything, a glitzy idealized star filled vehicle about the love affairs of four young women in Manhattan.  Winding Roads follows three young women from the mid west who are best friends through their stormy relationships with little glitz and a great deal of realism.

The screen play by Tedd Melfi and Kimberly Quinn presents a gentle, slow paced slice of life that feels more real than most scripts.  Quinn and Melfi shun the overly dramatic path choosing instead to move at a real pace and expressing emotions as they occur rather than pounding them into the audience.  When two of the young women - Rene Taylor (Quinn) and Samantha Stafford (Katrina Holden Bronson) - grieve, there is no screaming, no hysteria the two grieve from the inside, acting differently toward friends and crying in private.

The three women, Rene, Sam and Kelly Simons (Rachel Hunter), have different but typical relationships with their men.  Quinn's Rene finds herself proposed to on a winding road late one evening just as she learns she is pregnant.  It is her estranged father that gives her sound unconventional advice.  Bronson, who is the daughter of Charles Bronson, moves her Sam from bars to beds looking for a devoted man.  Hunter's Kelly is the sexist as she appears most confident masking her vulnerability.

Independent films like Winding Roads take chances; they can use cracked mirrors to represent fractured relationships while imparting the feeling that we are watching our neighbors and friends whom we interact with each day.

Winding Roads allows us to observe three romantic relationships from close up and leaves us with the feeling we have visited friends, suffered and shared joy with them, and that they have become strong enough to be left to their own devices because of what they have learned and endured.

Winding Roads

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