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The Whole Ten Yards
Whole Ten Yards
Starring Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet,
Kevin Pollak, Natasha Henstridge, Frank Collison

While The Whole Nine Yards, was no ground breaking piece of cinema, it was an inventive, enjoyable slapstick farce that provided a solid vehicle for Bruce Willis as a contract killer, Matthew Perry as his long-suffering neighbor and Amanda Peet as a dental assistant with designs on becoming a killer for hire.

For the sequel, The Whole Ten Yards, Warner Brothers has reassembled the same cast with a different director (Howard Deutch) and come up with a boring rehash that has none of the wit, charm or character of the original.

The first and perhaps the biggest mistake is jumping right into its set of characters without providing any background for those who may have forgotten or not seen the original four years ago.

It’s also clear that the original was written as a complete story and the writers have had to contrive a horrible premise that has the stars threatened by the Hungarian gangster father (Kevin Pollak) of the bad guy from the first film. The one and only shining light in this film is Amanda Peet, who as an aspiring hit-woman sets a tone equal to the original and sparkles in the best scenes.

The only reason I can see for this film was to make money, though I doubt it will. I can not even recommend this as a rental.

The Whole Ten Yards

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