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Whipped Whipped

Bawdy bedroom antics have never been so descriptive as in this sex comedy.

Three bachelors meet every Sunday for breakfast to discuss the previous night's conquests. Friends, Brad (Brian Van Holt), Zeke (Zorie Barber) and Jonathan (Jonathan Abrahams) have different personalities, but they have one thing in common: to get as many women into bed as possible.

Brad, a Wall Street hot shot sweet talks a girl by pretending that his make believer sister went to school with her; Zeke is a screenwriter, who keeps getting taken in by aggressive women and Jonathan, an out of work sensitive type, doesn't score with women very often.

Their approach is amateurish and crude and they say it works for a one night stand, but none of them has had a relationship, that is, until the three friends meet perky and pretty Mia (Amanda Peet).

Each guy meets Mia separately and doesn't know that his buddies are also seeing her, until they show up at her apartment at the same time.  They believe that they're falling for her and want her to choose between them.

None of the characters are likeable, including Mia; they can't be counted on in their relationships or as friends.

The actual bedroom scenes are quite modest, considering the raunchy breakfast discussions, and of course there is the obligatory bathroom scenes (it wouldn't be a sex comedy without them and personally I'm tired of looking at them).

As far as winning the war between the sexes, the audience is the big loser this time.


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