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Where the Money Is Where the Money Is

Where the Money Is welcomes back Paul Newman in a delightfully different role.  In addition to Newman we see Linda Fiorentino and Dermot Mulroney as would be bank robbers.  The only problem is that Newman plays a supposed stroke victim who has been incarcerated for a former robbery.

The scenes you have been treated to in the trailers are just the beginning.  There is a lap dance and a scene of unseen sex that are just great!  This is no XXX film as there is no nudity or sex scenes, but there is a sensuality that has been missing for a long time in films today.  It was truly a treat to see a movie that left "things" to the imagination.

The acting, story line and imagery are wonderful.  If you are Newman fan, this is a must see.  If you are too young to know Newman - this is still a must see.

There are some great plot twists, wonderful character interaction and a flow that is sure to keep your attention.  The humor and "little" things are the ties that bind in this film.  Watch it carefully and you'll still be surprised by what you have missed.

Where the Money Is

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