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What Dreams May Come

Robin Williams stars in this spectacular film about one man's journey through heaven to reunite with his soul mate. Chris (Williams) and Annie (Annabella Sciorra) share the rare kind of love that unites them as one.  When Chris suddenly dies - after traveling to hell and back with Annie on earth - he is determined to do a repeat performance in heaven just to be with her again.

Director Vincent Ward's (Map of the Human Heart) earlier training as a painter comes through loud and clear in this highly original and visually stunning production.  The paintings which Annie has created for Chris serve as the door through which Chris passes from this life into the next.  The artwork represents the final link between Annie and Chris - and the link remains an interactive one felt deep within each of their broken hearts.

Based upon the novel that Richard Matheson wrote for his own wife, it is a thought provoking story which depicts heaven and hell as unique to each person - physically and spiritually.  The philosophical ideas behind this story were complex and the visual realization of the afterlife highly demanding.  Director Ward, screenwriter Ron Bass, production designer Eugenio Zanetti and the scores of artists responsible for realizing the sets should be commended for presenting such spiritually challenging ideas in a format that can be absorbed and enjoyed.

What Dreams May Come


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