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Tom Cullen and Chris New

Rated: No rating 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: November 16, 2011 Released by: IFC Films

For some, this new U.K. drama may be theatrically calculated in its structure, but others may find far more heartfelt and creditability into a gay romance over two days.
Weekend stars Tom Cullen and Chris New, and has an off-handed integrity not seen in most films of its kind, as it has qualities comparable to effective straight documentary-like ones like Once and Before Sunrise.
Cullen's Russell, a lifeguard at a Nottingham community pool goes from hanging out with some clamorous chums to a gay nightclub where he meets New's art gallery employee Glen.
A one-night stand has lasting implications beyond the some excessive hedonistic activities as a strong bond begins to develop when they end up in Russell's flat. Then, they must decide how to process and relate their feelings as Glen intends to relocate on Sunday with a new opportunity Stateside.
The various episodes are stitched together in a fly-on-the-wall approach that keeps one informed and attuned to conversations and details of Russell and Glen, both of whom with disparate personalities - the former being abrasive and extroverted and the latter a bit more easy-going and tentative. Jonathan Race and Laura Freeman have choice moments opposite Cullen as a best friend and a voluble one.
Scribe and helmer Andrew Haigh delicately draws out the drama while exploring aspects into modern sexuality that allows for a considerable range of emotions that Cullen and New embrace in witty, self-effacing ways. Weekend might be enticed by certain manipulative stroking, but there's more insight through the sculpting of intimacy from physical to discussions that makes it more deeply felt and multi-faceted in a relatively brief period of time.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Weekend        B                  B 

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