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The Wedding Planner The Wedding Planner

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey have a wonderful on screen chemistry in this tale of modern love, romance and career.  The story revolves around Mary Fiore (Lopez)  as an ultra dedicated wedding planner.  This dedication is so extreme that she has not dated in years.  Fate and a run away trash dumpster force the meeting of Dr. Steve Edison (McConaughey) and a rescue by him.

The attraction is instant and undeniable and the foreplay begins.  As a reward for her rescue, Mary invites Dr. Steve to Golden Gate Park where classic films are shown to spectators on the lawn.  The attraction ever growing, Mary and Steve dance to a song in the film and just when the attraction is strongest, rain breaks up the couple.

Beaming with joy, Mary goes to her next assignment to plan a no expense is too big wedding for the daughter of the nouveau rich Donnolly family.  Fran (Brigette Wilson-Sampras) is the spoiled daughter you might expect, but she is also the brains behind the entire Internet based business.  Imagine the surprise when the groom to be introduced turns out to be Dr. Steve.

Unfortunately, the film flounders for too long as the characters discover that being comfortable and in love are two different things.  Never do we see the complex thought processes involved in the decision to abandon a relationship.  All we are given is a typical Hollywood ending of girl gets boy.

In short, Lopez and McConaughey are wonderful, but a lackluster script delivers only the expected and never challenges either actor or viewer.

The Wedding Planner

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