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The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Brian Cox, Priyanka Xi, Craig Hall, David Morrissey and Alex Etel

Rated: PG for some action/peril, mild language and brief smoking
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: December 25, 2007 Released by: Columbia TriStar

A few years ago Alex Etel was the star of Millions, an endearing film about a little boy's faith and a bag of money he believed came from God. Etel again has an appealing character to bring to the screen in The Water Horse. His childhood Angus MacMorrow finds a large colorful egg at the edge of Loch Ness and it doesn't take us long to figure out what the character in the egg will grow into.

Angus lives with his mother, an interesting Emily Watson, who manages a home for her son and daughter, Kirstie nicely played by Priyan Xi. The hatched egg brings out a cute unusual creature with a massive appetite. Named Crusoe by Angus the gray slippery animal raises havoc in the usually quiet household and draws the attention of Lewis (Ben Chaplin) the new handyman. Angus convinces his sister and Lewis to keep the existence of Crusoe quiet even hiding him in the toilet to keep his presence away from mom.

But World War II is on and the old building and farm are commandeered by a British artillery unit, with a mission to place a net over the mouth of the Loch. As the creature grows at light-speed he is soon ready to take a place in the Loch, where the confused military officers believe he is an enemy submarine which must be sunk. The attack changes Crusoe and he acts like the beast from 20 thousand fathoms, and attacks soldiers and threatens Angus. It takes a little time for Crusoe to return to his warm attraction and friendship with Angus.

The Water Horse is the only one in existence and only through death can another egg be produced which leads to the next Horse. But long before that comes about Angus and Crusoe frolic in Lock Ness like Puff The Magic Dragon in Hanalei, diving and swimming the length of the cold body of water.

The military segments are the least inspiring, they drain the innocent comedy of a boy and his Water Horse and insult most of the adult characters to the detriment of scenes which delight kids, who should have had the opportunity to simple giggle and laugh at the secret antics of Angus and Crusoe.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep B-         B B- B-

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