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The Wash

The Wash is just what it says and what you see as D.J. Pooh's latest film looks like it came out of a car wash.  Maybe it's slightly more noticeable than Pooh's previously woeful 3 Strikes because of a promising cast which includes Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and comedic actor George Wallace; but this tale of foolish bubble boys is even less coherent that Dogg's stylish, but overblown Bones.

The many attached "Short Plays" that make up The Wash consist of getting high, turning the tables on your employer, and street-wise loquaciousness.

Instead of showing some hip intelligence, 25 years removed from the witty and funky Car Wash which starred Richard Pryor and featured a bouncy title song from Rose Royce, The Wash is mired in a low-minded spin cycle.

The comedy is basically a series of gags which go up in smoke.  Pooh never develops a sharp risible tone while making the stern Sean not so repellent to the viewer as to the other players in and around the crazy car wash.

Even as Dogg appeared to show promise as an actor in Baby Boy or briefly in the 70's scenes in Bones, humor needs to be well-scripted for him.  There is a fairly amusing scene with toking during some oral hygiene, but The Wash gets high on low ambition with the mantra "time spent wasted isn't wasted time."  Maybe Pooh could have blended elements of Cheech and Chong with his Friday to make a snappy slacker comedy instead of making viewers feel that they're kidnaped by this aerated washout.

The Wash

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