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Richard Grant

Rated: R for violelnce
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: January 1, 1991

Julian Sands, Arachnophobia, stars as a warlock from the 17th century who time travels to present day Los Angeles on the day before he is to be hanged in Massachusetts. He is looking for some missing pages to the Grand Grimoire, a witch's handbook with directions on how to destroy the world. He's not allowed to do his dirty deed unheeded because Giles (Richard Grant), a 17th century witch hunter, follows to kill him. Lori Singer, Footloose, is a young Californian who aides Giles in his mission.

The acting by Sands is believable and he is scary enough, but the plot is similar to and done better by The Terminator. As a horror film, it is one step above the Friday the 13th movies, a couple of which director Steve Miner directed. This is a passable thriller with some humor to help keep the pace.

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