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A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is a teen film to remember, if only because it speaks to the vast majority of kids who are intent on building a life and not just spending all their time with drugs, drinking and sex.

Shave West is Landon Carter and Mandy Moore plays Jamie Sullivan; she is the odd-ball of the class and he is one of the kids who spends his time doing everything parents pray their kids don't do.  One evening he is involved in a Rebel Without a Cause type of scenario in which he coaches another kid to take a dare which results in serious injury.  Jamie is the daughter of the local minister (Peter Coyote); she dresses without style and is involved in her religious beliefs.  She doesn't even care what her peers think of her and she has enough confidence in her faith to challenge Ingrid Bergman's nun in The Bells of St. Mary.

The two unlikely students are thrown together when his punishment requires him to tutor younger students and take part in the school play, activities she is already involved in.  They find each has a common interest in astronomy and we learn he is quite bright once his anger begins to fall away.

He is estranged from his father, a doctor who has left mom for a young blond and, as expected, her father doesn't want her to have anything to do with this rebel.

Their forced courtship is about as pleasant a relationship as we have seen for teens in years.  They learn to care about each other and respect their unique positive qualities.  He helps her to achieve some of her wish list for life and she gives him a reason to follow the straight and narrow.

Without a major challenge the story would fade and so the young couple must face a monumental challenge which turns his life around but not before many emotional scenes which have all of us with tears in our eyes.  In the final scene we learn that the most important item on her wish list has been accomplished in him.

So often we find Christian organizations backing end of existence style films, this is one film that is entertaining without bending Jamie's abundant faith and one which most parents can encourage their kids to see.

A Walk to Remember

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