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A Walk On The Moon

As Pearl (Diane Lane) packs up the family's four door Studebaker we realize she feels as dull and  bland as the old car.

Each summer the family vacation is spent in upstate New York with two kids and a mother-in-law.  Dr. Fleigel's Bungalow Colony in the Catskills replaces their Brooklyn home.  Pearl simply changes Brooklyn for the Catskills; she continues to cook meals and clean the place where the family lives.

In 1969 Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon and Pearl walked a new path with Walker (Viggo Mortensen), the blouse man.  While her husband returns to the city for the work week, she begins to range into a steamy love affair.  Her daughter (Anna Paquin) is also ready to test her sexuality for the first time. They both sneak out at night.

While men walk on the Moon, Pearl runs free at Woodstock and is caught like Willy Loman shattering a daughter's faith and crushing a husband's love.

With a delightful screenplay, Diane Lane is impressive as a 30 year old housewife who is lost in place.  It takes a jolt to her family, caused by her, to reveal and heal the hidden wounds.  Meat tenderizer and a microscope are the unlikely things that pull the family back together.

A Walk On The Moon will raise your heart beat and make your sprit soar.

A Walk On The Moon


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