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Walking Tall
Walking Tall
Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Neal McDonough,
Johnny Knoxville, John Beasley, Barbara Tarbuck, Kristen Wilson

The Rock’s Walking Tall is a chopped up sequel that falls on it’s face.

Using the same premise as in earlier releases of the same story, The Rock returns to his Washington state small town and finds a corrupt sheriff and a gambling establishment that runs the community.

This time the hero is called Chris Vaughn rather ordinary compared to Sheriff Buford Pusser in the 1973 version with Jo Don Baker that was set in Tennessee. We can only speculate as to why the location has been changed to Washington state but it probably had to do with Canadian sites which are less expensive to film in.

The central idea in this story is expected to be the plummeting of the bad guys by the powerful gutsy sheriff who uses a two by four in this version. That’s what we look forward too and we are willing to forego quality for the satisfaction of “Might For Right.”

But The Rock doesn’t get a break in this amateurishly filmed remake. We see only about five minutes of the powerful sheriff cleaning up the town. Most of the film is filled with silly fights which are filmed so close up we can’t tell who’s landing the blows and who is receiving them. A police station is destroyed by gunmen with automatic weapons using enough rounds to win the war in Iraq.

The Rock has a sidekick played interestingly (on the comical side) by Johnny Knoxville, but he’s no Andy Devine or Gabby Hayes.

The Rock looks good, but this shortened film lacks continuity and even 85 minutes is too long.
Walking Tall

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