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Vertical Limit Vertical Limit

If you're looking for an all out exciting adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this film is for you.

The movie has no real plot other than the need of the characters to scale frozen mountains at any cost.

Bill Paxton plays millionaire businessman Eliot Vaughn who is funding an expedition up K-2 as part of a publicity stunt to promote his new airline.  He's an arrogant guy and you know just by looking at him that he's not going to listen to the guide that tells him that the weather has turned bad.  But, of course if he had, there would be no story.

Chris O'Donnell stars as Peter Garrett, a photographer for National Geographic and Robin Tunney who plays his sister Annie and is part of Vaughn's climbing party.

Peter had been a climber until an accident (which opens up the film with nail biting excitement) makes him hang up his equipment.

Scott Glenn, whose character bears a striking resemblance to Rip Van Winkle, does a good job as a veteran mountain man.

Between coping with avalanches, dehydration, blinding snow storms and the chance of falling from icy cliffs, the climbers have to deal with the added danger of nitroglycerin, which figures heavily in the storyline.

Vertical Limit has some of the best stunts I've seen.  Especially one where a helicopter is hovering above a small crag while trying to lower a rescue party.  Winds are whipping it around and forcing it dangerously close to the climbers who are trying to cling to the frozen ledge below.  It's all very exciting.

The actors are believable, but the action is the real star.  This adventure is strong and real and won't disappoint.

Vertical Limit

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