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U.S. Marshals

Tommy Lee Jones reprises his Fugitive character in this all-out action thriller.

As U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard, he's honest, hard working, quick-witted and, as the objects of his single-minded pursuits soon find out, he never gives up.

A tow truck driver (played by Wesley Snipes) is involved in a car crash and when the police search his mangled vehicle, they find a gun hidden under the seat.  Once traced, they discover that it had been involved in a double murder in New York.

Gerard accompanies a transport plan full of convicts, including Mark Roberts (Snipes), but before the plane gets to its destination, it crashes into the Ohio River.

When the smoke clears and heads are counted, Roberts is gone and Gerard is hot on his trail.

There are great chase scenes through swamps, over hills and New York skyscrapers as Roberts tries to evade the police so he can gather evidence to clear himself.  But the wily Gerard is always just a breath away.

Joe Pantoliano returns as a fellow marshal and Kate Nelligan (surely the classiest law enforcement officer around) appears as Gerard's boss.

The dialogue in U.S. Marshals is crisp and effective and Jones and Snipes are evenly matched adversaries.  Their cat and mouse maneuvers move at break-neck speed, making it my idea of one terrific thriller.

It is rated PG-13 for language and some violence.

U.S. Marshals


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