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Urban Legends: Final Cut

Urban Legends: Final Cut

Most of the elements of teen slasher movies show up in Urban Legends: Final Cut. The shadowy figure that pops up in the background, the meowing cat that comes out of nowhere (only this time its a snarling dog), and the female star who goes into a dark room and yells out "Who's there?" after hearing a noise; they're all here.

The setting is fictional Alpine University where the students of the Orson Wells Film Center are competing for the Hitchcock Award.  The winner gets fifteen thousand dollars and most likely a shot in Hollywood.  The competition is fierce.

As her entry, Amy (Jennifer Morrison) scripts a horror film which depicts a killer committing murders based on urban legends.  Killings as in the Scream movies, except that in this one there is a film within a film, in which the cast and crew are killed off one by one.

Most of the kids are predictable stereotypes, except for a couple of special effects nerds, who are fun to watch.

The killer wears a fencing mask (a twist from the usual hockey mask) and chases his prey with all the speed of a snail yet he does seem to catch up with his victims most of the time.

The violence is either one extreme or another.  Some of the murders are off screen or in the dark and then there's one of the more gross scenes that I can recall.  A girl wakes up in a bathtub full of ice and discovers that her kidney has been cut out by a maniac who chases her and pulls her back to him by putting his hand in her open wound, before brutally killing her (y.u.k!).

Except for an unexpected and humorous final scene where prop guns get mixed up with a real one, the script is run of the mill.

Urban Legends: Final Cut

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