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Unstrung Heroes

Unstrung Heroes
Andie MacDowell, Nathan Watt, John Turturro, Michael Richards and Maury Chaykin

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Linda  
Release date: September 15, 1995 Released by: Hollywood Pictures

Diane Keaton will be forever indebted to Susan Arnold and Donna Roth for recognizing her talents and recruiting her to direct this movie. Thanks to these women and the Roth/Arnold Production Company which they set up over four years ago, Keaton is making her feature film directorial debut with a beautiful story that fully utilizes what Roth recognizes as Keaton's "incredible insight into human behavior."

Based on the book by Franz Lidz with the screenplay written by Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King), Unstrung Heroes tells the tale of one boy's tragic loss and the unexpected place he finds relief. Each of the adult actors was drawn to the adult actors was drawn to the story because of its emotional depth and beauty and this affinity for the material is evidenced by their penetrating performances.

The super cast includes Andie MacDowell and the young and extremely gifted Nathan Watt (as Steven Lidz) in his feature film debut.

Indeed, you do care about little Steven Lidz...and about his mother, Selma (MacDowell), his dad, Sid (John Turturro) and his uncles (Michael Richards and Maury Chaykin). That's the film's charm; it involves you in this family's life, and finally their loss is your loss, and their breakthroughs to reach one another are your heartfelt victories.

I am full of praise for this film. It too is "the on to watch," especially at the Academy Awards!

  Frank Chris Linda  Avg. 
Unstrung Heroes        A   A 

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