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An Unreasonable Man

An Unreasonable Man

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Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: March 30, 2007 Released by: IFC Films

An Unreasonable Man persistently looks into the life of controversial politician Ralph Nader.

This documentary delves effectively into plenty of issues that probably appeal more toward liberals, yet many Democrats are sensitive about a man, once an attorney and a writer, who may have cost their party the 2000 election.

Perhaps Nader reminds them of what they should have done rather than having another administration like Clinton/Gore which outwardly they prefer. The notions of industry control, universal health care, and global warming, besides the War in Iraq are similarly agreed upon.

The 1960's saw Nader go after General Motors for harassment and using the lawsuit winnings to fight big business. He pushed for seat belts and air bags in automobiles. He subsequently gained prominence in "Newsweek" and as a host on "Saturday Night Live". He even captured the admiration of John Lennon.

All of Nader's consumer backing, while irritating the conservatives who didn't like many of his Washington hearings, did bring the media into the political spectrum with a new, unrelenting toughness.

Many may not agree with his stances on political corporatism, globalization, and the death penalty, but Nader, through this somewhat tedious, but quite watchable documentary has exposed the hypocrisy and conscience in a reasonable way.

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An Unreasonable Man       B+       B+

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