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Unlawful Entry

From the opening scenes when Karen and Michael Carrs home is broken into, the suspense builds.  It's late at night when the couple hears a noise downstairs, a scuffle ensues, but the burglar gets away after putting a knife to Karen's (Madeleine Stowe - Revenge) throat.

Officer Pete Davis (Ray Liotta - Goodfellas) and his partner (Roger E. Mosely - "Magnum P.I.") respond to the call.  They're helpful and sympathetic, especially Davis, who ingratiates himself with pretty Karen by helping her to get a security system put in.

The Carrs and Davis become friendly, until one night Michael goes with David in his police car on patrol and witnesses him brutally beating up a suspect.  Michael tries to break off the friendship, but David keeps showing up.  He wants Michael out of the way, so he can have his wife.  He messes with his finances, his security system and frames him on a phoney drug charge.

Director Jonathan Kaplan (Accused) explores the reaction of law abiding citizens whose lives are destroyed by a sicko's abuse of power.

Liotta played a similar role in Something Wild and he's chilling as the psycho cop who enjoys playing mind games.  He has a boyish, likeable demeanor, with a contradictory sinister look in his eyes.

Kurt Russell is also great as the over-worked husband who's pushed over the edge, and Stowe's good as Karen, who's almost swayed by Davis into believing that he can protect her better than her own husband can.

Unlawful Entry is disturbing, tense and exciting, a terrific edge of your seat thriller.

It is rated R for language and violence.

Unlawful Entry

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