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Adrian Lyne is no stranger to directing films that are on the sexual edge.  His Indecent Proposal had audiences arguing into the wee hours and his new film is also sparking a lot of discussion.

He explores the emotions of a husband and wife when, for no apparent reason, one of them is unfaithful.

From all outward appearances, Constance Sumner (Diane Lane) and her husband Edward (Richard Gere) have a happy marriage.  He's the owner of an armored car company and they live in an opulent old home in the New York suburbs.

They share an energetic young son and she's involved in his school and charity work while Charles is loving and attentive.  By all standards, she should be very content.

But, on a windy day in the city, Constance literally falls on top of Paul Martel (Oliver Martinez) a sexy rare book dealer.  He invites her upstairs to his loft for a band-aid and a spot of tea, they quickly begin a torrid sexual affair.

Constance's emotions run the gamut from guilt, desire, elation and finally guilt once again.  She smiles while doing errands, cries at the drop of a hat and is distracted throughout the day, to the point she even forgets to pick up her child after school.

Charles picks up subtle changes in his wife almost immediately after the affair begins and decides to find out the reason for the alteration.

There's been discussion about the explicitness of the sexual activity between Lane and Martinez and, although there is an urgency to their scenes together, their first encounter is clumsy and implausible.

Ever since Lane made her remarkable debut in 1979's A Little Romance she's been a favorite.  Here's a real beauty who can act!  She co-starred with Gere in 1984's The Cotton Club and the two are terrific together.

Instead of playing the part of the cool, delicious stud ready to stir up trouble as he would have played in the past, Gere has matured into a bespeckled, somewhat frumpy role that he takes on flawlessly.

Unfaithful keeps us interested, surprises us at the end and keeps us talking well after the credits have rolled.


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