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Ultimate X

Ultimate X

I remember in the sixties my students in California all began to skateboard up and down the hills on the UCLA campus.  Many ended up with broken arms.

What the young athletes do in Ultimate X cause multiple broken bones with extreme thrills and excitement for the IMAX giant screen.  The use of both 70 mm and 35 mm cameras allows this documentary to flow from a small screen for dialogue to a massive giant projection for the exciting performances in: Skateboarding, Bicycle Freestyle (BMX) and Moto X.

Cameras mounted on vehicles allow us to feel the movement of the rider through circles, twists and turns in the air.  Using over 100 cameras per event and a booming effective sound track, all of us feel a part of the heart stopping stunts as they appear larger than life in the giant screen format.

The young stars are multiples models of Evil Kinevil even to the extent of having up to 50 broken bones despite landing on their feet like cats most of the time.

Young stars like Bucky Lasek, Mat Hoffman, Dave Mirra, Travis Pastrana, Bob Burnquist, Carey Hart, Tony Hawk and Ryan Nyquist lead the pack, but all over America kids are building makeshift ramps to challenge their skills.  This is a sport first learned on the street that has grown into a feature documentary film.

Kids who skateboard, jump with bicycles or participate in motocross will be thrilled with this presentation which places them in the middle of the most exciting events that occur in their sport, no matter how reckless and even foolish it may appear to others.

Ultimate X

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