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Tyler Perry's Media's Witness Protection

Tyler Perry's Media's Witness Protection
Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Denise Richards, Doris Roberts, Tom Arnold, John Amos, Darnielle Campbell and Devan Leos. 

Rated: PG-13 for some crude sexual remarks and brief drug references.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: June 29, 2012 Released by: Lions Gate Films

It may be time for Madea to retire.   This series of films by Tyler Perry have to date always made me laugh and giggle at the bold antics of this large but elderly grandmother looking woman.   She has had a great run.   In Witness Protection she talks too much and provides very few opportunities for us to stand behind her loud simple strong philosophy.
In fact this movie is Eugene Levy's film.   He is an actor who can make all of us laugh just with a look or a simple comment which is obvious.   But here he carries too much of the story.   Most comedians produce better as just part of a film folding into the story from time to time at just the right point to tickle our funny bone.  
Levy's George Needleman has a great job as a CFO for a shell company headed by Walter (Tom Arnold) when it all falls down George is holding the bag and the feds are after him.   Even having Denise Richards as Kate his wife doesn't help him to calmly face the crisis he is in.   It would seem that Richards could offer Levy as great deal of comfort.   His daughter played by Danielle Campbell is an obnoxious rich kid who refuses to accept the problem, we all know early on that Madea is going to be a force for her to deal with. 
With the underworld involved in siphoning off money from non profits Needleman is placed in a witness protection location by (Tyler Perry) who also plays a federal officer.   His idea is to place this all white uptight family into Media's gentle protective hands.   Who would figure the family would be hiding in Madea neighborhood where she says even the cars are not white.   A legal bribe garnishes support form Madea and the Needlemans move in with Madea. 
From there it's mostly talk and arguing with little to laugh about.   Madea's is best here when she drives her oversize Caddy in a crazy like fashion with no regard for anything in her way.   It's that bold attitude which hurts no one but forces us to find humor in this elderly woman who takes nothing from anyone including daughter, Cindy.  
Madea needs better writing or it's time for her to enjoy her social security.

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Tyler Perry's Media's Witness Protection  C      D            B-      C 

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