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Two Weeks Notice

Here we go again with another formula love story with no twists or even humor.

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock trudge their way through this film with little more than a basic attempt at chemistry.  The story is one of an outsider being hired by the demon firm they had fought for years on the promise of saving a local land mark and controlling the firms charity accounts.  That outsider is Bullock's character.  Lucy is a lawyer and Grant is a megacompany front man named George Wade.

Grant does a nice job as the self absorbed rich kid who has never had to want for anything, while Bullock never generates a character that is either interesting or even likable.  This aside, the two soon become dependent on one another and as a result, the character George Wade develops a conscience and when push comes to shove he honors his word and loses his job.

In short, rich and powerful businessman gives it all up for love.

My only thought on this film is that it might have been saved had the star of so many love stories been cast - that would be Meg Ryan.  Her ability to capture sympathy of an audience, her charm and looks would have gone a long way to endearing the character of Lucy to the audience rather than the hard edged and tom boyish Bullock.

One will take notice that Grant in his usual charming and witty way delivers his lines with all the panache we've come to expect from him.  It is only when he is on screen that the film moves or even faintly resembles a love story.

Let's hope that the new year will bring us a crop of fresh and new love stories.  Some we've not seen a million times before.  Some with characters we can love and hate.  Some that reach into our very souls and pick from our experiences, both fondly remembered and wanting to be forgotten.  It is these types of films that come alive as a result of our living bits and pieces of the story and knowing that the characters actually feel as we did and do and that we may root for an outcome perhaps as good as our own or even better.

Two Weeks Notice

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