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Twin Dragons

Action star Jackie Chan is such a ball of energy, its hard to imagine a film that could contain two of them, but Twin Dragons does just that.

Chan plays twins who were separated at birth when a criminal takes one of the babies and uses him as a hostage.  During the police chase that ensues, the child is thrown into a ravine where he's picked up by a prostitute.

The baby is raised by the woman in his native Hong Kong, while his twin is taken to the United States by his parents.  One grows to be a race car mechanic and street fighter and the twin raised in America becomes a concert pianist.

When the pianist travels to Hong Kong to perform, mistaken identity provides some comedy.  The mob is after the mechanic and of course when the more refined, educated twin shows up at the same hotel, the confusion begins.  The first time girl friends and hotel employees mistake the men, its funny, but double takes and open-mouthed stares become old fast when done over and over.

Twin Dragons is set entirely in Hong Kong and the dialogue is dubbed into English.

Chan's stunts are always the best part of him films.  The coordinated karate kicks and fighting sequences are lively, unbelievable and because Chan doesn't use a stunt double, dangerous.  He jumps off buildings, onto speeding cars and takes on armies of thugs, and through it all he has a smile on his face.

Chan's films aren't first rate, but they're always fun.

It is rated PG-13 for some sex talk and mild violence.

Twin Dragons


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